Probate And Trust Administration

Sloto & Diamond has an extensive track-record in the efficient administration of probate estates and trusts. Regardless of the size of the decedent’s estate, Sloto & Diamond takes a proactive approach to probate administration. We immediately review and analyze the decedent’s will and other testamentary documents (if they exist), identify probate assets and non-probate assets that can be distributed without judicial approval, and evaluate potential areas of conflict. Our attorneys communicate with interested parties, family members, and creditors, and attempt to resolve potential disputes without depleting estate assets in litigation or adversary proceedings.

Sloto & Diamond helps trustees to navigate through the myriad of requirements contained in the Florida Trust and Internal Revenue Codes, and satisfy their fiduciary duties to trust beneficiaries. We assist clients in modifying irrevocable trusts when terms fail to reflect the best interests of beneficiaries, impair the material purposes of the trust, or would result in unfavorable tax consequences. Our attorneys also pursue reformation actions when trust provisions do not conform to the true intent of the trust’s creator.

Examples of our services include:

  • Inventory, manage, and dispose of real and personal estate property
  • Negotiate with estate creditors and beneficiaries
  • Prepare and file required estate tax returns
  • Determinations of Homestead and Exempt property
  • Trust Modifications (Judicial and Non-Judicial)
  • Trust Accountings and related client advice
  • Preparation of “Crummey Letters”
  • Issues concerning real estate, taxation, investments intellectual property, and collectables